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Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement


1.   Authorized Renters

a. I represent that I am capable and validly licensed driver.

b. I am 25 years of age or older.

c. I am the only authorized driver of the vehicle other than the additional allowance listed below.

(1) The additional authorized renter listed on the rental agreement.

Any and all additional authorized renters must comply with all terms and conditions of this rental agreement.


2.   The Vehicle

a. I understand that Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. owns the vehicle.  This includes tires, tools, vehicle documents, keys and accessories.

b. I understand that I may not service or repair the vehicle without approval from Pioneer Car Rental, Inc.

c. Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. shall not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the rental of the vehicle.

d. I agree that I will be responsible for all unauthorized repairs, I understand that Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. will not reimburse me for any unauthorized repairs without receipts.


3.   Vehicle Returns

I agree to return the vehicle to you in the same condition in which I received it, except for the ordinary wear and tear.  I agree to return the vehicle to your  locations, either on the due date or time specified on the rental agreement or upon your demand.  I understand that there will be a rate charge or an additional charge if I return the vehicle to another location, or at a different time or due date.  If for any reason, I cannot return the vehicle at the time and location required by this agreement or by reason I gave the vehicle to another authorized driver or any other person who has failed to return the vehicle for me.  I will pay you for all loss, estimated damages to the vehicle including loss of use, claim processing and administrative charges, as permitted by law.

Renter must return the vehicle to our rental office at the date and time specified.  The vehicle remains subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement until we   have inspected it and accepted it.  If renter returns the vehicle after hours, renter is still responsible for any damage to the vehicle, until we have inspected and accepted it the next business day.


4.   Vehicle Repossession

Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. may repossess the vehicle without notification at my expense, if the vehicle is found illegally parked, apparently abandoned, used in violation of law,or disagreement, or for a prohibited use.


5.   Prohibited Use of the Vehicle

a. By an unauthorized driver.

b. By any driver under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance which may impair driving ability.

c. To carry persons or property for hire.

d. For any illegal purpose.

e. Driving in an abusive or reckless manner.

f. To push or tow anything.

g. Vehicle cannot be used off-road or off normally paved roads, in a race, or test, contest or training activity.

h. Leaving the vehicle or failing to remove the keys and the vehicle is stolen.

 I understand that if the vehicle is obtained or use for any prohibited use, or in violation of this agreement, than any limitation of my responsibility under this agreement shall be void and I shall be fully responsible for all loss and resulting damages including loss of use, claim, processing fees, administrative charges, costs and attorney fees.  Also, where permitted by law, the LDW option shall be void.


6.   Payment

a. Minimum Charges – I understand the minimum rental charge is for one day (24 hours), beginning at the time of rental, plus mileage.

b. I agree to pay you upon demand:

(1) All rates, charges, taxes, airport fees, including charges for miscellaneous service and equipment, including a service charge for lost keys or keys locked in the vehicle, and all other amounts incurred as a result of this rental transaction.

(2) Vehicle Damage – Regardless of fault, all loss or estimated damage to vehicle, including loss of use, claims processing fees and administrative charges, as permitted by law, while renting under this agreement.

(3) Collection and Recovery Vehicle Expenses – All expense of any kind incurred as a result of collecting amounts due or recovery of vehicle,including reasonable attainment fees.

(4) Fines and Penalties – Fines and penalties arising out of the use of the vehicle.

c. Credit Card – I authorize you to reserve credit with the credit card issuer in an amount equal to all estimated charges.  You may bill my card issuer at the time of reservation or upon delivery of the vehicle.

d. Payment Guarantee – If I have directed you to bill charges to someone else who fails to make payment promptly when due, I will promptly pay you on demand. If I direct charges to be billed to another person, I represent I am authorized to give you such direction.  I understand I remain individually responsible for all rental charges, even if I directed you to bill another person.

e. If I reserve a vehicle, I must give at l;east 12 hours notice of any cancellation or I will be responsible for he time reserved.  Maximum charges of 1 day’s rental plus taxes and fees.

f.  Final Audit – I UNDERSTAND THAT ALL CHARGES ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL AUDIT.  I authorize any credits or additional charges to be made and paid by the method used at the time of rental or return.


7.   Lost Damage Waiver Option (LDW) – Responsibility for loss of or damage to the vehicle

If I am involved in an accident or the car sustains damage, even from unknown causes, or the vehicle suffers loss or is stolen, I am responsible for the resulting loss of damages, other than accidental fire or acts of nature, as permitted by law.  This includes estimated costs of repair, towing, storage, impound fees, loss of use, claims processing fees, administrative charges, regardless of fault.  This financial responsibility is eliminated if I accept the LDW option, pay for it, and comply with this agreement, including all Terms and Conditions, except I am still responsible to pay the first $1,000.00 deductible.

I UNDERSTAND THAT LDW IS NOT INSURANCE. I understand that I must have current car insurance to rent a vehicle.  I understand my personal automobile insurance  policy may cover loss and damages to the rental car as well as fire, theft and personal injury incurred while using a rental car; that Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. cannot interpret the terms of my insurance policy; and that it is my responsibility to check with my insurance company and insurance agent.  I further understand that Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. cannot interpret the terms of my credit cards and it is my responsibility to learn if my credit cards cover loss or damage to the vehicle. If I accept the LDW option, I agree to pay the charge per day on the rental document for each full or partial day. If I accept and pay for the Loss Damage Wavier, I understand that I am responsible for the first $1,000.00 for repairs incurred to the rental during my rental period.



8.   Refueling Service Charge

If I return the vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel as when I received it, then I will not pay a refueling charge.  I understand that if I choose not to refuel the

vehicle you will provide the service of refueling the vehicle.  You will charge me for this refueling service at the applicable rate specified in the agreement.  I

understand this rate may be higher that what I would pay to purchase fuel from a service station in the area.  The refueling service charge will be determined as


a. If I do not buy fuel during the term of the rental, this charge will be the number of miles driven as shown on the vehicles odometer multiplied by the per mile rate  specified on the rental document.

b. If I buy fuel during the term of the rental, but the tank is not full at return, this charge will be the per gallon rate specified on the front of the rental document multiplied by your estimate of the number of gallons required to fill the tank.  This estimate is arrived at by using the manufacturer’s specified tank capacity for the vehicle and then determining the capacity of the portion of the tank that is empty as indicated by the vehicle’s fuel gauge.


9.  Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. is not responsible for any item lost, stolen or left in the car on or off your premises.  I will be responsible for all claims made by such loss or



10. Fines and Penalties

I am responsible to pay any and all costs imposed for parking or traffic violations.  I will promptly report all violations to Pioneer Car rental, Inc. and agree to pay any and all costs due.


11.  Authorized drivers will report any accident or theft to the law enforcement authority, and to Pioneer Car Rental, Inc.


12.  Drop Returns

a.  All vehicles must be returned to their original pick up location.

b.  Arrangements must be made with Pioneer Car rental, Inc. prior to any drop off at another location.

c.  Time, date, fuel and mileage must be recorded at the time of drop or an additional day rate will be charged.

INSURANCE – CUSTOMER AGREES TO MAINTAIN AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE during the term of this rental agreement, providing the owner, the renter and any other person using or operating the rental vehicle with following primary coverage.

a.  Bodily injury and property damage coverage;

b.  Personal injury protection, no-fault, or similar coverage where required

c.  Uninsured and under-insured where required, and

d.  Comprehensive and collision damage coverage  extending to rental vehicles.

Customer insurance will provide at least the minimum limits of coverage required by the financial responsibility laws of the states where the loss occurs.

Because the customer is providing automobile insurance, we are not.  In states where the law requires us to provide insurance we will provide excess insurance only, up to the minimum limits required by the financial responsibility laws.  The customer’s insurance will be primary.  Any insurance we are required to provide applies to claims of bodily injury and property damage only.  Our policy contains exclusions, conditions, and limitations applicable to anyone claiming coverage.  Customer agrees to cooperate with our insurer if any claim is made.  Our insurance applies only in the United States and Canada.

Where permitted by law, customer rejects uninsured, under-insured, supplemental and no-fault coverage.  Where we are required to provide such coverage, renter is afforded the minimum limits required by law.

Any breach of this agreement will void any insurance coverage.

Renter(s) agree to submit to an Examination Under Oath at the request of the insurance carrier.

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